The other evening D decided to “eatee Ahn’jen” (I am Ahn’jen), and came over and pretended to bite me for a few minutes. It was probably the best thing ever. Also, he calls The Lion King “Monkey King.” I really dislike that movie, but D loves it and he is adorable. Yesterday we played in his new wading pool, and that was great.

So you know how they say people usually end up hooking up with someone like one of their parents? Has anyone noticed what Quatre’s dad’s hair looks like? Gah, I am utterly unproductive right now. I did some good work earlier, but now I have become restless and… unproductive. Stupid.

P bought me a new purse ^__^ It is not as cute as the other one (though nothing, I fear, ever could be), but it is bigger and has all the qualities I wanted. It holds stuff. Yay. Aargh, I don’t even feel like drawing. I wonder what Deedle is up to. I think he is still napping.

I hate being unproductive.