I had some kind of horrorific dream where a group of people (including me, obviously) had met in a church for some purpose or other and were being killed off one by one by someone or something. Presumably we were stuck there, since I was barricading one of the doors to the room we’d decided to stay in rather than getting the hell out. Eventually the audience was going to see that door rattling against its barricade and know that the evil was there!!!

There was some woman that had decided not to join us at first because she was ill, and when she turned up later after several others had turned up dead, I looked at her swollen throat and said happily, “You look so sick! I mean–” realizing that it sounded a little strange to be reveling in this fact– “you look so alive! So not-dead!” I thought that was pretty funny once I woke up.

In this dream there was a distinct lack of any horrified reaction from any of us at the dead bodies we kept finding. Which probably meant that when the evil eventually appeared I was going to kick its ass. In my dreams I tend to be Superman or cannon fodder, and rarely anything in between.