So this morning at about 5, cat brought a mouse into my room as she often does, and started chasing it around as noisily as possible. I guess it hid, because eventually she settled down, but when I got up she went back to stalking it. I moved something so she could get at it, which she did, and once it came out I put it outside. She’s not aware that I put it outside, though, so she’s still wandering around looking for it. She thinks it’s in my roll of scrolls and posters, and keeps pulling the scrolls out no matter how many times I put them back. She is adorable.

Deedly loves the cat. He comes in here, and she immediately hides. He calls her “Tat!” though the second T is very much devoiced. Yesterday when she didn’t run away in time he smacked her on the head and laughed uproariously. Also yesterday we were going to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s with D, but he fell stone-cold asleep on the way there. So hopefully we will go today. I freaking love CEC’s, and of course so does Deedle. Meanwhile, today is a day for working on SaS ^__^