Teh report

Today has been fairly productive, though it could have been better. I got a chapter posted (I drew the picture for that yesterday); got an HR page ready for coloring, though I didn’t feel like coloring it — p’r’eps I shall do that tomorrow; and drew Saitou and Sano, which is always terribly important. I also played a lot of video games.

Did I mention that P and Deedle went away? Yeah, they did. I liked having D around. (I liked having P around too, but I had her around for, like, twenty-five years or something, so it’s not as novel as D.) We did eventually make it to Chuck E. Cheese’s. I was carrying D, and when we got inside he literally threw himself out of my arms. It was awesome. Then before they left we also stopped at the ZOO, and I LOVE THE ZOO. D liked the fishes best. I like fishies too ^__^ P bought some food whilst they were here, for the purpose of eating whilst they were here; but it would have been inconvenient for her to take it with her flying back, so I get to eat it all now *__* Oh, food.

Oh, also, the people from whom I bought the DDR pad that didn’t work sent me a new one that does work, so I get to play that now. Yay me. Too much video games. WoW is fine, but all this other stuff that keeps me from my productivity is insidious.

Um, I had one more thing to say. WOT. Oh, yeah. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a dozen phone calls from places I’ve interviewed at offering me high wages for my honest labor. Never mind the fact that I haven’t interviewed at a dozen places yet; I will still maybe get a dozen calls. Seriously, though, I am hoping for a couple. GIVE ME A JOB. Now I will stop writing this entry.

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