There was super-spectacular thunder and lightning last night. I’m surprised we got through to this morning without losing power. The lightning was very bright and very long, and the thunder was very loud and even longer. My windows kept rattling, and I swear one of those thunders lasted, like, ten seconds. I was trying to sleep, and these things didn’t help. But I bet they were freaking awesome outside. Too bad I was too lazy to go outside and look.

So my parents just went to lunch without me. Normally when they go out on a dately item, they say, “We are going out on a hot date.” So when they don’t say that, and they are going somewhere I would like to accompany them, and they walk out the door without a word to me, I become sad and bitter. Was there some particular reason they didn’t want me along? I mean, if it was a special alone time for thems, why not tell me so as usual? Mou. *too sensitive*

There will probably be no HR today again, despite the fact that I have three pages half done. I don’t feel like working on them, and I do feel like working on SaS, so there you go.