Apartment dream, productivity, ZG

This morning I was dreaming about living in an apartment. It was a strange apartment with a lot of windows into strange places. It was sitting in the middle of a network of oddly-placed apartments, and actually had a door (a Dutch door) into the next apartment over. The bathroom had a big long window with no glass, and when I went in there, Tokio jumped up on the window sill.

An elderly couple that was passing by, one of which was deaf, was communicating in sign language, and Tokio began to copy them. She thought the sign for “to eat” meant “to speak,” and she was trying to indicate that she wanted to speak to people. I praised her for being such a cleverbii in picking up human sign language, and then took her out of the bathroom because I was afraid she would leave me through that window. I was trying to figure out where to put which scrolls and how I was going to connect to the internet when I didn’t have any money (and how the hell I’d gotten an apartment when I had no money) when I woke up.

I wasn’t terribly productive today. Sometimes the day after a chapter is like that, and sometimes it’s also like that when I know I’m going to hang out with Zombie Girl later and can’t focus on anything for impatience. These two things combined = I maybe wrote three or four lines all day. These lines were in my MoR contest entry, which finally has a title and is almost finished… but I’ve gotten to the (*ahem*) hard part, so it’s a good thing I still have a while to work on that.

Mostly I just played video games and did I’m not sure what else. You know those days where you can’t really remember how you spent the time, and the end of the day is something of a surprise because you could swear you just got up and you can’t recall much in between? Except ZG, of course. ZG and I went to see The Last Airbender (^___^) and also I get to see her tomorrow too. Tomorrow’s seeing of Zombie Girl will be first thing in the morning, so after that I bet I will be productive. I will work on that contest fic and maybe SaS (and maaaayyyybeeeee ASZz, whose 23rd chapter I thought was a third done but now wants to be reworked from Tokio’s POV instead of Sano’s -__-)

I feel like I’m babbling. Time for bed.

5 thoughts on “Apartment dream, productivity, ZG

  1. These lines were in my MoR contest entry, which finally has a title and is almost finished…

    That makes me super happy! Not just because you’re entering the contest, but also because it means more for me to read. I’ll admit, I’m greedy. ^____^

    Hubby and I saw The Last Airbender last night. I was happy I could follow it, since I haven’t seen any of the cartoon. I could see some of the things the critics complained about, but we both still enjoyed the movie a lot. I can see why you’d want to see it more than once.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed teh Airbender ^__^ I find I love it like a family member… I can see the flaws, but I thoroughly enjoy it nonetheless.

  2. Now I understand! The reason Mammal always acts like she wants to eat your food, but never really does, is because she just wants to SPEAK to your food!

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