So tomorrow I am going to a Comfort Dental to see if they want to hire me. The doctor himself called, which is unusual since it’s typically, y’know, a receptionist or something that calls prospective new hires. And he didn’t say “come in for an interview;” he said, “come in and take a look around.” So I’m not even entirely sure what’s going on, but whatever. Comfort Dental has a pretty shoddy reputation among dental professionals in this area; the very mention of the name tends to cause shudders. AND THAT IS FINE. God, if they hire me I will sing for joy.

There’s this adorably gimmicky soda shop up the street, next to Safeway and McDonald’s and all that. Apparently it’s been there for a whole year now; I had no idea it had been so long. They were giving away free hot dogs today to celebrate, which I noticed when I went to the library. So I got a hot dog and (rather shamefully) spent a couple of my six emergency dollars on a soda. I’d always meant to go in there, since it looked so cute, and now I have. It is cute. They sell popcorn and cotton candy and ice cream and regular candy and they have about twenty billion soda flavors.

I need new freaking paintbrushes. My smaller ones are so frayed and falling apart I can barely use thems. The bigger ones are OK, but that doesn’t mean much since for big spaces I can just as well use my fingers. It’s the details that are really freaking difficult without a reasonable brush. Mou. I’m also getting really really low on certain important colors. Therefore I’m crossing my fingers more than ever for Comfort Dental.