PEEEECTURE and elsewhat

I have been drawing all day, and am extremely pleased with the result. It’s been a while, in fact, since I’ve been this pleased with a finished product. I’m in love with this new style.

Not long after Comfort Dental called, another office called (properly this time, i.e. via the receptionist XD), and I have an interview there on Tuesday. Something has to come of one of these interviews sometime. Srsly. Meanwhile, that picture I drawed rocks.

2 thoughts on “PEEEECTURE and elsewhat

  1. I would have replied to your other post last night, but I’m having a little trouble with my PC. (The mouse freezes up and the PC reboots on me. It might just be overheating.) Congrats on having two places interested in you! I hope it works out with at least one of them.

    I LOVE the picture! It looks like a real book cover. You should be very pleased with it.

    1. Sankyuu and sankyuu. I am still quite pleased with the picture ^__^

      Computer rebooting on its own is such a huge pain in the ass. I hope it starts behaving for you!!

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