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The state of Colorado, at this time, does not require certification of its dental assistants — meaning that a dentist can, if she so desires, grab someone off the street with no experience or training whatsoever and put them to work as an assistant. After two years of working as an assistant in a state like this, you can have a dentist verify that you are competent in a variety of areas and then take the Dental Assisting National Board. Or you can take an ADAA-accredited dental assisting course and take the test immediately. Once you’ve taken this exam, you are certified and can work in all fifty states, not just lax old Colorado.

Evidently the place I interviewed at today is so used to hiring people that are not certified that the woman I talked to was very obviously unfamiliar with the entire DANB process. She was like, “So, wait, you’re still in school, right? Oh, you’re out of school — so you have your certificate. What? You’re graduated… but you still have to take a test? O….K….” And I was like, -__- I should not have to be explaining this to you. But whatever. It was the dumbest interview, and that place is seriously ghetto. But hopefully they’ll hire me anyway. SOMEBODY JUST FUCKING HIRE ME.

My cleverbii caught a mouse and I put it outside ^__^ She wandered around looking for it, sniffing everything and jumping into everything; it was spazzy looking and sniffing and jumping at first, but then it became rather despondent. Poor baby.

SaS 19 has reached linear completion ^__^ And it looks like this is the second-to-last chapter; how nice is an even 20?? I can’t do that if I try, you know.


4 thoughts on “Denty, cat, productivity

  1. It sounds like you’ll be the most qualified person at that place if they hire you. You’ll be running things in no time!

    I’ll be sorry to see SaS end. It’s been such a great story. I’m sure you have lots of other awesome stories in your head, too. ^_^

    1. I’ve been really glad all along that you’ve been enjoying SaS. You were the one, after all, that got me into this fandom. Yeah, I always have lots of stories in my head… whether they make it out of my head is often another matter entirely XD I have stories in mind for other SaS pairings, and I’ve actually started a couple of them, but I don’t know how far any of them will go. I do have Plastic, too, which is another chaptered fantasy AU, and is coming along nicely. So we’ll see what happens.

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