Let’s see if I can remember all the stuff I haven’t posted about since the last time I posted about anything that’s happened.

Mom got so tired of me cross-dressing (not exactly her words, but her gist) for interviews that she took me clothes-shopping. We both abhor clothes-shopping, so it went quickly. Maybe the new outfit was why the subsequent interview felt so successful. Not that they’ve called. It’s a really small practice in Briargate, and the woman that interviewed me seemed really nice and rational. I’d say I have high hopes, but I don’t really have any hopes any more.

Speaking of which, evidently I am still a review whore; I finished SaS and expected a bit more of a response. I understand a total lack of response to new chapters of stuff that nobody’s heard from in two years, but I wrote this entire story over the course of five months. I also thought the poll would be a bit more conclusive, but at least it got more responses than the actual story did XD Anyway, I sounding-boarded all over ZG the other evening about the Sally/Noin thing, and have a lot of details of that worked out now, which is awesome.

Obviously (as previously mentioned) I had a horrid couple of PMS days. God, I hate PMS. The bitchiness and lack of productivity is the worst of it, but the eruption of a million little volcanoes on my face (AND I AM ALMOST FUCKING THIRTY) is my other favorite thing. Compared to these, cramps are almost nothing XD I did manage to get those nice sketches drawn, though, and that was good.

ZG and I went to see Alice in Wonderland in the dollar theater, which was a dollar almost well spent. Fortunately, she bought the tickets (since I still, of course, have no money).

Then, of course, I finished a Saitou/Sano story, which is always good. I should have drawn something for it, but I didn’t. Lazy. I should have gotten my HR pages done for today, too, but I didn’t do that either. That was less my fault, though… I had them all put together, but I have to print them off my dad’s computer in order to color them, and every time I wandered up there all weekend he was using his computer. OK, so, not all that much less my fault, but still… They’re printed now, so next week for (pretty) sure.

So the goddamn school is so fucking goddamn stupid. Have I mentioned this before? Yeah. The current drama concerns the DANB, which I know I have also mentioned before. Don’t you think that a school whose goal is to prepare students to take a particular test would, I dunno, make it a priority to assist the student in getting the student signed up to take that test? You know, things like telling the student that she will need an official school transcript sent to DANB by the school? Or, better yet, just FUCKING SENDING THE TRANSCRIPT?

Why do I have to send my DANB application in; get called by DANB to be told that I need an official transcript; call the school wondering how to get an official transcript; be told I have to come into the school in person to pick up my official transcript; go to the school and get the transcript; send it to DANB; get called again by DANB saying that, no, I can’t send them the transcript, the school has to send them the transcript; call the school again only to find that the woman I talked to before no longer works there; wait on hold for ten minutes to be connected to someone that knows what I’m talking about; be informed that, no, they can’t just send DANB my transcript, I have to come in in person again to fill out paperwork to get them to send the transcript…….??

Yeah, that’s the stage I’m at right now. It makes me seethe.

So I’ve done a little too much computer work lately, and my entire right side is a doom of pain. So today I decided not to do any computer work and just read Terry Pratchett all day. Except that I finished the book, like, an hour and a half ago. So I played DDR for a bit and am now writing a journal entry, which technically is computer work but it’s all I’m going to do today. I am becoming totally addicted to Pratchett, BTW.

ZG left me all this food. It’s kinda weird to have food around. I have eaten two meals today. I have an interview tomorrow, to which I will wear my new girly clothes. Hopefully that will also go well and I will have prospective employers dueling over me. And now I will stop writing this entry.