Undeads, faerytalks, deers

Recently I decided that if I were to be any WoW race, I would probably be one of the Forsaken (also I love how “undead human” = separate race). There’s something very appealing about not having to bother with sleep and being able to work on whatever you want nonstop without worrying about all that stuff humans have to do to stay alive. The end result of this was that, since I cannot become teh zomb in real life, I started yet another WoW character. Of course whenever I do that, the first thing I do is dance and flirt and say stupid shit to hear the voice. And I just about fell out of my chair laughing when she growled, “Nice butt,” like a dirty old woman that’s been smoking for fifty years.

It occurred to me the other day that You Won’t Regret It has been finished for a long time. Normally I write faerytalk at six months out from completion, and it turned out when I checked that it’s been almost eight. So I went through that yesterday and noted it right up. I found I liked it a good deal more than I expected, and it got a B. So good jobon that. It was somewhat productive, at least, which is more than I can say for most days lately. Today perhaps I will try to get this month’s MRCAeX started. Or perhaps I will just play video games all day and check craigslist every twenty minutes.

Oh, I totally forgot. Recently I walked up to the library or the soda shop or something up there, and when I got to the intersection there was a mama deer with her two babies across the street. I pushed the button, and the lights all turned red. I headed across the cross-walk one direction, and the three deers headed across the cross-walk the other direction. I swear to god, they waited for the “walk” indicator and then started walking right down the white lines, just like human pedestrians. I was staring and staring. I would have taken a picture, but I was kindof in the middle of the street. Anyway, it was awesome.

6 thoughts on “Undeads, faerytalks, deers”

  1. Be honest. You want to be one of the Forsaken because Link makes them seem so cool in her story. :-)

    Awwww, the deer must have been so cute. I hope it wasn’t a busy street, traffic-wise.

    1. I will not even try to deny that that may be part of it :D But also it just seems to convenient, you know? So many aspects of being alive take up so much of our time that could better be spent on writing stories…

      Yes, the deers were the cutest things ever. That intersection’s not too busy… mostly people in the cars were just staring like I was XD

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