The other night I dreamed that somebody had given me this big old aquarium thing, and in it were two snakies, a tyrtle, and a frog. One of the snakies was bright, bright red and yellow, and Lester and I were afraid it might be venomous and dangerous to keep as a pet. It was hyper as hell, and wanted to go outside, so we decided to let it. It jumped right out of the aquarium and slithered upstairs, where I opened the front door for it.

A different the other night, I dreamed that I was Jem, and Lester and I were at a concert at a place similar to the Pikes Peak Center. Despite the fact that it was classical music (which I can see Jem enjoying solely because of the goodness of her two shoes), all four of the Misfits were there. Evidently my sister (the dream couldn’t seem to decide which one) had joined them in some capacity — I got the feeling that she was an agent or manager of sorts, but also might have been dating Pizazz. Anyway, after the concert, the concert hall announced some kind of surprise for their special guests the Misfits and particularly for Pizazz.

Lester had gotten up to leave, but I stayed in my seat to watch. The surprise turned out to be a collaborative musical effort by a bunch of friends of the Misfits that were musically inclined, two of which happened to be exes of Pizazz. One was Shawn Harrison, who apparently had done something really, really horrible to her that had hurt her so badly that even the sight of him on a stage made her break down. A little OOC, but whatever. I felt so bad for her that I was crying too, which Jetta received with a mixture of confusion and contempt.

Eventually I got up and left, but outside I realized that not only could I not remember where I’d parked, but Lester had gone on to the car so I couldn’t ask him, and I’d left my cell phone in the car so I couldn’t even call him. Also, I was still feeling really bad for Pizazz. So I went back into the concert hall and used talking to my sister as an excuse to go over there. Pizazz was sitting in a chair crying into her hands, and my sister was looking grim beside her. I exchanged a few words with her, and then I just couldn’t help addressing my sympathies toward Pizazz. Despite the fact that I was Jem, she hugged me when I told her how bad I felt for her. It was a terribly interesting dream.

Last night I dreamed that I was doing a working interview for a dentist that I was almost certain would hire me. I and a number of other assistants were sitting around in a room waiting on our turns to go do some work and impress the dentist, and we were all wearing street clothes. I was wondering whether they were going to have us just put on lab coats over our clothes or what when I woke up. I have an interview today at a promising office, so that, I believe, explains that.