Not the best day ever today, though I did have some jellybeans. But I swear if I get wound any tighter I’m going to snap. See, the docs I did my working interview(s) for on Monday and Tuesday promised to get back to me by the end of the week. That would be… yeah, tomorrow. Though technically it could have been today, which meant that I was watching the phone all day and getting more tense every time a call appeared (all people wanting me to pay bills with money I don’t have).

I shouldn’t be so worked up; aside from being convinced that they’re not going to hire me (last night I dreamed the complete verbiage of an entire rejection letter), my own level of tension has no effect on any of it. But I really want to work at this place. I’m not really picky at this point, but if I were picky I would still really want to work at this place. I hope they call at some point when I’m away from the phone tomorrow and just leave a message so I don’t have to go through that awkward “well, thanks for letting me see your lovely practice and I hope everything goes well for you guys” conversation, because I swear to god I will break down on the phone if I do.