I haven’t dreamed much Gundam Wing, and I take this morning’s dreams as a sign (two hundred pages later) that I’m really in the fandom now. I dreamed, quite disconcertingly, that Heero and I had hooked up and had a kid. Why Heero in particular? I don’t know. Une wanted to break us up, but not because she liked Heero… I think it was a political thing. Or maybe she was an H/D shipper and wanted to restore the universe to its natural order. Anyway, she was telling Heero that I was lesbian and didn’t really love him, and I was getting ready to explain (as soon as she left) that, yes, I was lesbian, but he was an exception.

Next, as if to right this fundamental wrong, my subconscious came up with an entire Heero/Duo fic and let me act out most of it as Duo XD The boys were in disguise attending some snooty party where somebody was going to let slip some sort of information they needed. Heero was a guest, because he could speak formally and blend in with the pretentious people there, whereas Duo was part of the wait staff because he couldn’t master the holier-than-thou act.

So Heero found out what he needed to find out, and needed to relay the information to Duo and decide what the next step needed to be. He sneaked into the kitchen and climbed into the dumbwaiter, let it go halfway up to the next floor and then jammed something into the works so it would stop moving. Apparently this was the plan all along? because Duo then volunteered to climb up into the shaft to fix it, where he could communicate with Heero and (though this was not technically part of the plan) make out with him briefly too. In the dream I knew all this was going to happen, but I woke up just as Duo (I) was climbing into the elevator shaft.

So there you go. A job and two Gundam Wing dreams all in one day.