I had a fantastic day at work. I assisted on two full procedures without any help or anyone looking over my shoulder, and they both went quite smoothly. Part of the depression is feeling useless and the looming bulk of everything I haven’t grasped yet, so when things go well it really helps. Maybe I can get away with only a minor depression this time. That would be awesome.

Twenty-eight days until I turn thirty! Also, MoR story has reached linear completion.

Oh, yeah, my dream. In my dream, Kenshin was some kind of evil warlord that had a bunch of super-powered minions, and he wanted me to be his mistress. I knew his evil fortress was full of childs from his previous mistresses, but I didn’t know what had happened to the mistresses. I wasn’t interested, for various reasons, and I kept avoiding the super-powered minion he kept sending after me.

At one point I ran up to the roof to escape this guy, but there was a second minion on the roof. Well, I thought I would just jump off the roof and fly away, since Kenshin’s minions probably couldn’t fly… but then this third minion showed up in the air. She was a hot babe, and I wondered vaguely why Kenshin didn’t just make her his mistress. Anyway, seeing that I was cornered by three of them and at least one of them could fly, I decided to surrender gracefully.