A young bird has fallen into my window well. He can’t fly very well, and can only get about halfway up the sides most of the time. I know he can get out, since he was previously in Lester’s window well. At the moment I am watching him be adorable and cheep. There is plenty of birdseed for hims, and cat reeaaalllyyy loves watching him. If he’s still in there this evening when I get home from work again, I shall see what I can do to help.

This morning I got to assist on an extraction *__* I’ve assisted on one before, but it was a perio patient and way too simple to be exciting. I’ve watched some exciting extractions, too, but this was the first time I ever got to assist when the doctor was actually cutting into the gingiva with a scalpel and then suturing afterward. SO FREAKING COOL.

So the older doctor (father of the younger) is very brusque and extremely bad at giving feedback on my performance as we work, and by yesterday I was feeling absolutely worthless and like I did everything wrong whenever I assisted him. But when he gave me my paycheck yesterday (which, BTW, *__*), he said some very positive things about my progress in general and made me feel a lot better. Good good good.

Also yesterday, ZG and I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which was cute, and then we had dinner WHICH I PAID FOR.

Twenty days until I turn thirty!! I still can’t think of what I should do to celebrate…