Well, I did it. I put up another story on ff.n to advertise the fact that I’m doing GW stuff now. I dislike ff.n so much that it gives me something of a bad feeling to put anything up there, but it’s good advertising.

Telve telve telve. Twelve is still my favorite number, and that is how many days there are until I turn thirty!!!

Yesterday ZG and I went to see Inception because she hadn’t seen it yet and needed to experience the awesome ^__^ Before the movie, we had dinner at an Indian restaurant. A TV was on in there, and it was set to some Indian soap opera that conveniently had subtitles, and I tell you what… we were both absolutely riveted on this show, and somewhat traumatized when the episode ended. Almost our only dinner conversation was during commercials trying to make sense of what was going on and how the characters were related. Now we’re all disturbed because we don’t know what’s going to happen next because we don’t get such a channel and probably couldn’t remember the name of the show to save our lives. Heh.

Well, now it is a weekend day and I am not hideously tired. What manner of productivity shall I get up to today? I think I will continue a one-line game I was recently playing and see where I can go from there ^__^