I had the weirdest dream. It was part Castlevania and part Harry Potter, and Chou was definitely involved. The Dursleys were all mermaids, and Chou was going to hook up with me in accordance with tradition… but since I was sometimes Harry, that gave us Chou/Harry, which I think broke my brain.

Well, for the amount of free time I had yesterday (that is to say, all day), I didn’t get all that much done. Today I need to do laundry and clean up my room, but that still leaves me with a decent amount of time to try to get a lot more done than yesterday. So off I go.

Also, Tokio suggests “y67thyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” for the next line of Sano’s dialogue. He is, interestingly enough, talking to Tokio at this point. Though not that Tokio.