It’s a good thing I didn’t start my MV before I finished my MoR story. That shit is addictive, man. Nothing makes me lose track of time quite like working on a music video, and somehow it drags me back in even when I don’t think I have time or don’t even think I feel like it… like when I come home for lunch from work. I am forcing myself to take a break from it today, and working on Plastic instead, because my wrist hurts.

I’ve started running dungeons in WoW finally. It’s fun, but I kinda suck at it XD Dungeon Finder is nice, but I feel like I spend most of my time sitting around waiting for a tank. I’d try to play one myself, but I’m afraid I’d suck at that even more than what I have been doing, heh.

FIVE DAYS until I turn thirty *__* I got my Red Robin birthday coupon, and we went to Red Robin the other night ^__^ Yay birthday!!

I wanted to go see Toy Story 3 yesterday, because I haven’t seen it yet and I waaaaaaaaant to, but I discovered that it is currently playing at exactly one theater in town, with exactly three showtimes. So between that and car stuff, I was thwarted. Car stuff being that my mom’s air conditioner is not working properly and therefore her car is in the shop. That’s going to suck come Monday when work recommences.

Today ZG and I have plans to go see Inception again because we cannot get enough of it. Yay us! And now I will go back to Plastic.