Two days until I turn thirty ^__^ I got a present from my brother yesterday, and a card from some grandparents that SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED that I am turning THIRTY ^___^ Win. Tomorrow I will have a leetle celebration with my parents and Zombie Girl.

I feel rather awful today, and I hope it goes away before tomorrow. I have a supa-long lunch today, though, because two patients canceled off an already rather sparse morning schedule and let us all loose really early. So I am working on my MV and wishing this headache would stop.

Last night I slept very badly because my nose kept running and waking me up. I had a dream about a monster that captured people and literally fucked their brains out. Don’t ask about the mechanics of that. The most interesting and possibly most disturbing part of this was the expression on the victims’ faces and how it faded from agony and horror to a kind of vague calm as their ability to feel pain left them along with parts of their brains. Like many of my horror dreams, this one was set in a church.

Now there is a sweet cat on my lap ^__^