On Wednesday ZG and my parents and I went out for a birthday dinner for me at a Nepali restaurant ZG and I are excessively fond of. (I ate her leftovers last night, since she forgot them at my house thereafter and I dunno when I will see her next.) Then we had cake and played a board game ^__^ We did this on Wednesday evening because I had to drive parents to the airport at 5AM on Friday and therefore needed to go to bed early on Thursday my actual birthday.

On Thursday I called my siblings and talked to ALL OF THEMS. Also I talked to Deedle, and he even talked back a tiny bit. I couldn’t understand what he said, mostly, though I did catch a “happy birsday,” but it was still adorable. “He” gave me an Amazon gift card, and so did my grandparents, so I bought two nerdy WoW shirts. My mom ordered me a whole box of watercolor pencils on ebay *____*

Now it is a weekend. Yay long weekend!! Yesterday I worked on ASZz, whose chapter is creeping along slowly but surely, and then drew gangster Saitou. ZG was teasing me on Wednesday with talk of a mafia Saitou/Sano story that I’m sure she’ll never write, so I drew that for her. You know, when my mom asked what she could get me for my birthday, I almost had her get me more marker colors. If I only had a couple of reds or even just more than one brown I could have drawn gangster Sano too… But watercolor pencils are way more exciting.

Last night I dreamed that I was running a dungeon (DPS) and the mobs were talking to me. I was apologizing for having to kill them, and sorting through my eight bazillion swords (you know it’s no wonder I constantly hook up with Chou in my dreams) trying to find the ones (dual-wield) that would kill the most painlessly. This process was time-consuming, and my party was getting far ahead of me, but I didn’t seem to care.

Today I plan to work on Plastic and perhaps my MV and I dunno what else. But first: CORNDOGS.