Yesterday (which was a little strange to begin with), I received a reply to one of my job inquiries that read as follows:

Hello I received your email and unfortunately I’m unable to open it I was hoping to schedule a working interview for Monday please email me back if your available…

Thank you
Office manager

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So. This office manager, whose grasp of English seems… tenuous… is managing office communications on her iPhone, on which she apparently cannot receive attachments. Which means she has not looked at my resume. And yet she wants to schedule me for a working interview? Okaaaay….

Since I had originally emailed this office through Craigslist, this was my first sight of their actual email address. You know how an email address typically has a name attached? Like mine says “Black Faery,” and my professional email address says my actual name? Well, this address’s “name” was “Work,” which struck me as rather hilarious. Anyway, a Google search brought me a little more information about the office in question, including the following customer review:

The doctor and his technicians were very good. However, the administrative staff were very unprofessional. They failed to schedule my appointments correctly three times. The office manager did not seem to be concerned about my time. I changed dentist and took my family of five elsewhere. The administrative staff seem to be running the show. They need a new businness model.

Not terribly surprised at this, I emailed Valerie back to discuss the proposed interview — letting her know that sometime later in the week was better for me, that sort of thing — and copy-pasted my resume into the body of the email for her convenience. Soon she responded thus:

Okay perfect I did receive it and Thursday would actually work out perfect… So please call me the office on Monday to set and speak with you.. [unpunctuated phone number]… Thank you.. Talk to you soon..

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Evidently one cannot schedule anything via email? Anyway, when I called her this morning, she did, in fact, schedule me for a four-hour working interview on Thursday. Without a standard speaking-style interview beforehand. I think a certain customer was right about this place needing a new businness model, or possibly even a new business model.

Not that any of this deters me in the slightest. Actually, I’m quite pleased; if they’re scheduling half-day working interviews without standard interviews or even looking at candidates’ resumes, that indicates to me that they don’t care much about how much experience people have in the field — which is exactly what I need right now. Plus it’s so much easier to show what a positive attitude you have and how well you work with others in a working interview than sitting in some office somewhere with a single other person you probably wouldn’t even be working with on a daily basis.

In related news, I am taking the DANB tomorrow. If I pass, I will be certified to do dental assisting in any state in the country, but I’m not really expecting to pass. At this time, the DANB is all about the theory of dentistry, and involves every picky detail you can possibly think of that never actually comes into play in actual dental assisting — things like the amount of exposure time reduction when the kilovoltage peak is increased by fifteen and which parts of the trigeminal nerve are affected by a mandibular block. I mean, we learned all that stuff at school, but since then I’ve been doing actual dental assisting in actual offices and therefore haven’t exactly retained the trivia. I’ll be studying today, but we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.