According to the preliminary results, I passed my test yesterday. We’ll see what the actual results are in four to six weeks.

I found the best Craigslist posting ever:

Dental Lab tech THIS IS NOT A DENTIST OFFICE (Colorado Springs)
Date: 2010-09-28, 8:08PM MDT

looking for 5 + years for wax and metal department tech. Need production oriented technician who is highly skilled in the area of waxing, casting, metal finishing. Full time. Looking for a very detail. Who is prompt and reliable. Team player & people friendly. We do not have time to train a new individual therefore people who do not have experience NEED NOT APPLY. Please send your resume and your contact number where we can reach you. If your interested.

Too bad I am not a very detail, eh?

I used old tests from school to study the other day, and in one of them a question read, “Which of the following suggestions are intended to help reduce the gag reflex?” One of the answer options was, “Asking the patient to perform jumping jacks for 5 minutes in the treatment room.” This made me laugh so hard. It’s always nice to see that someone somewhere has a sense of humor. Now I’m throwing away all my old school shit, which is very satisfying.

So I have that working interview tomorrow. Maybe they’ll hire me on the spot and have me work out the rest of the day and Friday and pay me and everything GAH. That’s a nice daydream, isn’t it? Wish me luck.