So I spent four or five hours this morning reading all the short Heero/Duo stories at the Moments of Rapture contest, of which I am also an entrant ^__^ Then I played King’s Quest for the rest of the day. That actually started a week or so ago when I was struck with a sudden desire to play IV, which has led to me going through the rest of them mostly out of order. Not good for productivity, but what can you do? I am working on Plastic at the moment, and in a good way for finishing the current part before bed, but tomorrow I’ma read more contest fics and probably play more KQ, so it may turn into a very unproductive weekend too XD

I suppose I should tell about my working interview, but I don’t really have the energy to put the weird impressions I got into words. It went pretty well, I thought, but… weird. Weird place. I still hope they hire me, though.

BTW, the peectures I drawed for ZG’s birthday are as follows: Trowa’s super-long clarinet, Hakkai and Gojyo, Randomsnake, Moll Yumi, Mafiosi Sano and Saitou, and Hiko and Megumi.

P.S. This new chapstick I’m using is super bitter under its initial pleasant taste >_<