Day 03 – The best book you’ve read in the last 12 months. All right, I’ma add onto this, “that you hadn’t read before,” to avoid redundant answers. It’s a tough question. Not only cannot I narrow it down to one, I can’t even narrow it down to two. My choices are Going Postal and Small Gods by Terry Pratchett, and Lolita by wassisname. Um, Vladimir Nabokov. Yeah. Anyway, Moist in Going Postal is such an amazingly good character… but Small Gods is such a great commentary on religion and faith, and really sweet at the same time… and of course Lolita is fascinating from beginning to end… I can’t really decide which one is the “best.” I FAIL AT MEME OH NO.

I was so awesomely productive yesterday. It was amazing!! I went to bed so excessively satisfied ^__^ I wonder what I will do today? Unfortunately I am still craving KQ… the only thing left, really (besides VII), is to get back into the Castle of the Crown using Beauty’s old clothes, so I may do that. Maybe. MoR contest fics are also calling me.

What bugs me is that the KQVI in my collection won’t save or restore, and eventually freezes up or crashes. I still have an older one installed from my previous collection (the one I lent out and never got back), so I can play all the way through on that, but it has no sound. I have never heard Cassima’s voice in that game. Mou. She sounded so awful in V, I’ve always wanted to see if they got someone better for VI. Hmm, I think I’ll check YouTube… OK, wow. I wasn’t missing much there XD XD XD

KQVI is definitely my favorite of the series. I played it for years and years before I ever got to hear any of the voices or even the music. It’s interesting what their (usually awful) choices regarding the voice acting does to your perception of a character (or your perception of what you think they wanted your perception of the character to be). I always liked Alexander, who isn’t nearly as much of a random klepto as his parents and just seems generally reasonable, but his voice makes me like him even better: it’s very gentle and respectful-sounding. The pawn shop man has always been another of my favorites, because he’s so friendly and helpful and, again, generally reasonable. Also he’s adorable, and his voice totally fits.

And then there’s Jollo. Oh, god. I always liked him too; he seems a little flighty, running off to the bookshop to read about the changing role of court entertainers through the centuries when he’s supposedly too worried even to talk to anyone… but at the same time, he’s intelligent and willing to brave death for the princess to whom he’s devoted. And then I heard his voice. Did I mention oh, god? Way to make a great character sound like a complete and very obnoxious idiot.

They did that a lot, actually. What’s with the comic music in the background when you talk to the ferryman, and why does he sound like a bit of an idiot too? I always found that scene rather tragic, given that he’s talking about his family’s legacy falling apart, the deaths of the king and queen, and the destruction of peaceful relations among the islands — why did the sound people seem to think this part was supposed to be funny??

That Girl in the Tower song during the end credits is awful, too. It at least has the redeeming feature of sounding like there’s a woman singing to the girl in the tower as well. Seems like there’s a hero and a heroine, both of whom are trying to rescue a girl in a tower and have a threesome with her. Alex/Cass/Rosella, anyone?

Also? Those gnomes are so freaking annoying. I always found them vaguely amusing before, but once they speak I’m like SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT THE FUCK UP ALL OF YOU I WILL KILL YOU ALL. Oh, well. Nothing will ever be as bad as the voicework in the fan remakes, so I can at least be glad of that XD

OK, now that I’ve gone on and on about KQ for no particular reason, I’ve forgotten what else I wanted to say. I guess I’ll go look for some food and then see about productivity.