So what I ended up doing was reading one of the long H/D contest fics. That took a while, but not all day (it was totally worth it), and I can’t really remember what I did with the rest of my time. Nothing terribly productive; I know that much XD Anyway, mom and I walked to McDonald’s for dinner, and when we came back we got the mail on the way in. What was my astonishment to find my DANB results therein!!! They said I’d have my results in six weeks, not six days. I mean, it literally has not yet been a week since I took that test.

Anyway, I did indeed pass, so I am indeed a certified dental assistant. As a matter of fact, one of the two envelopes was addressed to “My Name, CDA;” I’m sure they do that just ’cause they know it’ll make people grin. And I’ve got a certificate and a lapel pin and everything now. Good jobon me!