Day 05 – A book or series you hate. Well, the only book that really qualifies is still only a qualified match. When I was ten or eleven, I had what I have always considered a wonderful experience. I read The Picture of Dorian Gray and absolutely loathed it, with a terrible passion. However, I recognized and admired its quality and literary significance, and this was a sort of epiphany… I had not realized, prior to this, that there was a difference between how much I liked something and how good something was — that it could have great artistic quality without appealing to my particular tastes.

I think this is a huge moment in any artist’s life, and because The Picture of Dorian Gray provided it for me I’ve always been rather pleased to look back on the book the way I do. I am almost 100% certain that I would like it if I reread it, but I actually somewhat cherish my initial disliking of it because it taught me such an important lesson. Maybe I will reread it one of these days, though :D

I spent, like, eleven hours with Zombie Girl yesterday talking about a million things including wonderful Saitou/Sano angsty mafia stuff and 17 pages of Plastic. I may go see if the store she just quit working at wants to hire me, because I freaking need money and the dentists aren’t biting. Else what I plan to do today is BE PRODUCTIVE. I really want to look at HR 12, but I may just end up reading another long contest fic instead XD We’ll see.