Day 08 – A book everyone should read at least once. You know, people are always saying this about books that touched them deeply — very often books about war or other great tragedies — and I think they forget that what has a profound emotional or intellectual impact on one person may not affect someone else at all. So, no, I don’t think there is “a book everyone should read at least once.” Sometimes, however, you know someone well enough, and find just the right book, that you may be able to make the statement, “This is a book you should read at least once,” to one specific person.

I love my sweet cat.

Last night I read two of the long H/D contest fics, because when I’d finished the first one I waaanted mooaaaar. I was quite productive before that, though. Anyway, then I had a dream that was clearly influenced by what I’d read:

I was some kind of, um, operative? item, a member of a team that lived in a base with significant underground content and everything. And I had romantic tension with my fellow operative item, who was (oddly enough) an older guy — but we had drama, like we’d broken up but were still eying each other or something, and there was angst. Freaking awesome. There was some nearly incomprehensible business with some kind of device that we were using in the kind of hardcore pranks operative items pull on each other — like I was threatening him with it, but it wasn’t serious? kind of thing. But apparently we’d been misinformed about what this device was, and it turned out to be some super-advanced and possibly alien technology that took root in someone’s yard and put up a shield we couldn’t get through.

So we went back to base in a hurry to report this and try to figure out the implications of having been given this thing but not told properly what it was, and what it was trying to do now, and what the intentions of the guy that had given it to us were, and so on. On the way in, my not-boyfriend grabbed my hand, by which gesture I at first felt comforted, but I pulled away from him because things weren’t really worked out between us yet. I think I was hoping that he would make some overture toward the healing of our relationship we were in need of — some actual conversation about it, I mean, not just holding my hand — because I was still too nervous or upset to do so. It was awesome drama.

Then one of the doctors of the base stopped me and showed me this stuff he had on a table, which was the makings of a drink of some kind. Apparently he’d done tests on me earlier and had discovered that I was lacking some crucial nutrient of some sort, and I had taken the news a bit too cavalierly for his tastes. He’d lectured me, I’d brushed him off, whatever. Now he had the components of some kind of milkshake that would put me on the road to good health, and was standing there doggedly insisting that I put this shake together and drink it now. And I complied not because I was worried about this nutrient or whatever, but because it looked delicious. I woke up like XD at this interruption in my important mission.

The plan for today is the same as yesterday’s: HR, Plastic, and probably reading some contest fic a little later.