Day 09 – Best scene ever. OK, instead of wracking my brains trying to decide which scene is actually my favorite, and laying out all the scenes I really love and giving them a rating and then comparing to see which rates most highly, which would probably take all day, I’m just going to mention the first scene that popped into my head when I read the words “best scene ever:” Éowyn defeating the Lord of the Nazgûl. Éowyn is one of my favorite characters in The Lord of the Rings, and that scene is just so unendingly badass. And then when Éomer finds her lying there *SOB* So much love.

Well, now I’ve read all the MoR contest fics and voted in all three categories. So now I’ve just got to wait, like, forty days to see who wins. It made me really want to reread my own SaS, but that’s not until January, which is an even longer wait. I guess I’ll just console myself with Plastic, on which I made vera good progress last night. Trowa has dropped his bombshell and Heero has accepted his mission XD XD XD

Yesterday I spent five hours on the phone with ZG discussing Hiko/Megumi and Saitou/Sano. ‘Twas terribly important. I bet it will be a problem on the cell phone bill, though. I’m supposed to be giving my parents a monthly sum to cover that, but I certainly haven’t done so this month. Somebody hire me, dammit.

Last night I dreamed about Chibiusa. I was taking care of her or something, and, for some reason, I was trying to explain how a lot of people hated SuperS because she was the star, but I totally loved it. Go figure.

OK, time for productivity.