Day 11 – A book that disappointed you. Hah! Finally, something I can answer properly! (Spoilers ahead.) So my mom and sister had been raving for years about how wonderful was Silas Marner by George Eliot, and, since I trust their judgment and our tastes generally coincide, I finally read the book not long ago for the first time. I’m not going to say it was bad or that I disliked it or that I’m never going to read it again, but it was disappointing. I felt like the author had lost interest about halfway through the story, hadn’t wanted to leave what she’d already written just lying around dead, and finished it as quickly as she could without much concern for the outcome.

I totally sympathize with such feelings, but, seriously? Eppie shows up, and then Silas is suddenly happy and well-adjusted again and eighteen years or whatever pass all in one breath? The most interesting part of the story — Eppie’s emotional effect on Silas and his subsequent recovery — is totally glossed over. And there had been such good, careful buildup, too… it felt like the second half of the story was condensed into about a quarter of the length it should have been, rushed through to get to the ending scenes with Godfrey, which consequently didn’t really mean much. Oh, and a random young man we didn’t care about for Eppie to marry, too, huh? Ugh.

In other news, I have gone ahead and started sending resumes to dental clinics in the area of Utah where my grandma lives. Certification is required in Utah, unlike here, which means I may not have quite as much competition there. I’m not really eager to move to Utah — especially since my parents implied that, if I were to find a job there, they would freaking buy me a car, and, god, the last thing I need is to owe my parents more — but if it would get me the experience I need to work anywhere, whatevs. We’ll see what happens.

I felt a little unwell last night, and woke up several times feeling nauseated. There is none of that right now, but I’m not exactly feeling wonderful either. That’s OK. I can still write. Speaking of writing, I started this new GW fic the other day where Duo is a painter — nothing original here; move along — and I felt like I just had to try to draw something in the style I imagine him having. The picture I came up with is, I feel, quite nice, but, unsurprisingly, differs in a number of ways from what I imagined. The problem is that I drew it by tablet, which I haven’t done for a while, and, even a couple of days later, my right hand and wrist hurt so much. That’s OK, though. I can still write.

It’s finally starting to feel like autumn around here, which means that my bedroom has dropped to, like, 40°. Soon it will be time to pull out my good friend the space heater (his name is Skywalker because he looks like a whiny face). And the problem I have now is this: I’ve got about a million sweatshirts, and I love them all, and they are good for cool weather. But lately I’ve been wearing some nice clothes sometimes, and I don’t feel right wearing a sweatshirt over thems. I have some nice coats for colder weather, but what I need is something that will look OK with nice clothes but is about sweatshirt-level warm. Last I checked I had about $10 left in my bank account, so that’s right out. Mou.