Day 12 – A book or series of books you’ve read more than five times. Well, to be honest, I’m more of a rereader than a reader. I don’t pick up a lot of stuff I haven’t read before, but I reread the same old books over and over and over. So it’s pretty well guaranteed that everything I really like I’ve read at least five times. Obviously it depends on when I discovered it, of course — since I don’t pick up no stuff I haven’t read before — so more recent ones I may only have reread, say, three times XD The Discworld books, for example, I only started about a year ago; I haven’t gotten through all of them yet, and have reread none of them. But as soon as I’m done with all of them they’ll go into the cycle just like everything else.

Yesterday I was fairly productive, and then hung out with Zombie Girl for a long time and talked about important things. Today I kinda feel like drawing rather than writing, so I will probably do that. That and re-spec everyone — not that I have more than a couple of days of game-time left…

By the way, before I go to the trouble of setting up an ebay auction, is there anyone on my flist that wants to buy… aw, hell, why not list everything… I’m trying to sell:

Heroes – Season 2. I have never actually watched these DVD’s; I thought season 2 sucked, but back then I was determined to have the whole series. That ambition died pretty quick.

Mahou Senshi Louie (Rune Soldier) – Complete series boxed set (western release). I liked this show, but I don’t think I’ll ever rewatch it. The manga’s better anyway.

Kyou Kara Maou! – Volume 2 (western release), which I’m not sure why I even have, as I don’t even know this series… I evidently picked it up used somewhere (since there’s a “used” sticker on the front), but it still comes with some kind of little see-through image in a picture-frame dealy of some pretty blonde guy with green eyes.

Record of Lodoss War – Complete series (western release, and it’s the OAV, not the TV series)

Fullmetal Alchemist – Complete series (bootleg, first series). I watched about half of this once, so the discs are like new. Maybe if they’d followed the manga and not gone batshit crazy I might be interested in keeping it.

Shaman King – Volumes 1 and 2 (western release). Somebody gave me these as a gift at some point, but I don’t think I ever watched them, because I also had…

Shaman King – Complete series (bootleg). Here’s another one that did a hack-job on the manga. Ugh.

Samurai Champloo – Complete series (western release). These have been watched a big disappointing once.

I have the following Shaman King CD’s: Osorezan Revoir – Prologue to Shaman, Osorezan Revoir – Au Revoir, Melody of the Spirits, Single Vocal Album, Comics Image Album, Vocal On Parade!!, and a bootleg SonMay thing (The Complete) that I would throw in for free.

I also have both Trigun soundtracks (the first donuts and the 2nd Donut Happy Pack).

Do let me know if you’re interested in any of this stuff. I could do with some money.