Day 13 – Favorite book as a child. Well, besides The Lord of the Rings, I loved anything by Jules Verne — none of which I’ve read in many, many years. I was just thinking the other day (perhaps yesterday, actually) that I might like to go back and reread Around the World in Eighty Days. I wouldn’t mind revisiting some of the others either, I think. Anyway, in an old journal entry I said:

He wrote lots of books to read, he was really cool! Hard to imagine for me, indeed: Jules went to lawyer school! Can you think that if Jules Verne had been a lawyer… what would have happened…?

Yeah, I’ve been of fangirl temperament for longer than I can remember.

So yesterday, as it turned out, I didn’t really feel like drawing when I said I did — nor re-spec’ing, either. Actually, I ended up watching Gundam Wing for about five hours. Then I did draw a tiny bit before bed, but in general yesterday was a day of absorption. Today I think I really will draw, since I got a picture inked yesterday and want to put some colors on it. I also kinda feel like watching more GW, though, because Heero and Duo ♥♥♥ Pretty sure I’m going somewhere with Zombie Girl later, too. So I guess we’ll see.