Day 16 – Favorite poem or collection of poetry. As usual, I fail. I don’t know that I can choose a favorite. I love every damn thing Poe ever wrote, and mean one of these days when I’m not painfully broke and unemployed to get a tattoo reflecting that. I also like Emily Dickenson and some random others. I always loved Fire and Ice by Robert Frost, but ever since the Eclipse movie opened with that I wouldn’t feel quite right citing that as one of my ultimate favorites XD And I do have to mention that some of my own poems are actually some of my favorites because I’m Hiko like that. (BUY MY BOOK) So there you go.

So here I am at my grandma’s house. Mou. Yesterday I watched some Gundam Wing, woke up a bit, worked on Plastic, watched some of The 10th Kingdom (which I brought because this branch of the family has not seen it!!!!!!!!!!!), talked to ZG (thank god), and worked on my mom’s site, which she is paying me real money to help her update REAL MONEY HELL YEAH. Also, thanks to ZG being awesome, I finally have gotten my hands on Yahtzee’s awesome book, which I have started reading and loving.

I miss my cat so much. As I was lying in bed half-asleep I kept having half-asleep hallucinations that she was there T___T There is a cat here, named Zeke, which will get on your lap and cuddle you for a few minutes, wander away, then come back and do it again. It’s a little inconvenient, and his fur is extremely rough and very sheddy — unlike my wonderful cat, whose fur is extremely soft and only a little sheddy — but I guess a cat is better than no cat. BUT I MISS MINE. When will I see her again? T____T

Well, today the plan is about the same as yesterday: work on Plastic, work on website(s), watch Gundam Wing perhaps, expose family to more The 10th Kingdom, cry about cat, and so on. Also I should probably grab the bathroom while it’s available. Ugh.