Day 17 – Favorite story or collection of stories. Well, there’s Poe, obviously. Oh, Poe. I have a great and mighty affection for him and all his works. Then I also really like Roman Fever by Edith Wharton because of how thoroughly Mrs. Slade gets told. Otherwise, though, I think most of the short stories I like are fanfiction :D I’ve got Opinions on short stories, and a book meme seems the perfect time to share them, but I want to go eat my leftover bacon cheeseburger from yesterday, so I’ll put that off.

So on the wall above the bed in the guest room I’m staying in, there is a picture of me and my two sisters from a family portrait session we did when I was, hmm, 16ish? I think. And I’d never really thought about it before, but there’s something very Thénardier about such a thing… how random and arbitrary to exclude one of four children from a portrait because he happens to be male. You could argue triadic composition, I guess, but even so I think it’s really strange. If there were three brothers and three sisters, it might make a little more sense to do two separate pictures by group, but leaving one out of four and just taking the other three on the basis of sex? It strikes me as excessively strange.

Well, yesterday I worked on my mom’s site for, like, six hours (=, like, $60 *__*) and then worked on Plastic. ‘Twas a pretty productive day, and I got to talk to ZG on the phone, so I am content except for missing my cat. Today, I believe, will be more of the same.

Oh, I have to mention. I’m using my brother’s laptop, which is very nice of my brotha. But for some reason I can’t figure out, the quotation mark key doesn’t work right. I hit it once and nothing happens. I hit it twice and two quotation marks appear. I’m getting used to it, but you can see how this is kindof a bitch for fiction as well as HTML.