Day 19 – Favorite book cover. This is a totally unfair question to ask while I’m not at home. I can’t think that I really have a favorite book cover, but it would be very easy to glance through my books and choose one if I were freaking at home. I think I will defer answering for real until I am away from this dreadful place and back to my own bookshelves.

My interview yesterday went well, and they brought me back for a working interview today. I have been sleeping so little and so badly here that I was miserably exhausted all day, but I still thought it went well. I had a lot of fun, at least. It’s a great office. Which doesn’t mean that I’m yet clear on whether or not I want them to hire me. If they do, I start making money. If they don’t, I go back to my cat and Zombie Girl and away from here. God, what a choice.