Day 20 – Favorite kiss. Well, my favorite kisses are pretty well all from fanfiction. The reason for this is that, much as I love romance in books that I like, romance is rarely the aspect of the story for which I am reading the book; so, while I may be very pleased and satisfied at the hookup of a couple of characters I wanted together, I don’t go all squee about it the way I do in a fanfiction I’m reading primarily to see the characters get together. I will say, though, that Amelia and Emerson’s first kiss was delightful. People should always fight like cats and then make out in the middle of life-threatening situations ^__^

I woke up at about 5:45 and couldn’t get back to sleep, but at least I did sleep for a while. So I am writing this entry, and after that I’m going to go play Fable II and see if I like it. Which will probably waste the entire day if I do like it, but whatever. AND NOW FOR AN ACCOUNT OF MY DREAM.

A lot of the time when I dream, I’m just myself. But then other times, there’s a very clear distinction between the character I am in the dream and the dreamer I am at the same time. So clear that I think if I were to dream this character more than once, a distinct dissociation would not take long. They’re already a little disorienting to wake up from. Anyway, in this dream I was very much Heero, and I was in the Spielburg valley on some kind of quest or adventure.

Although Trial by Fire is my favorite of the Quest for Glory series, whenever I dream QfG it’s always Spielburg. I actually played the first game first, oddly enough (unlike KQ, which I played hella out of order all over the place), and it drew me in like nothing I’d ever seen before. The feeling I got from it, and most particularly from wandering the forest in the Spielburg valley, was unique, and I have a very strong sense of nostalgia connected to it. I can imagine that forest, feel myself there, better than I can any other setting in… well, any game ever, actually, not just any other QfG game. So being distinctly Heero in a place I have a very distinct sensory image of made this quite an absorbing dream from the get-go.

I had apparently met Duo at some point on my journey, and he had become my companion and ally in my quest; but it was one of those situations where, despite my growing to love him, there were a lot of things I didn’t know about him, and he was still mysterious to me. Also, he was calling himself Trowa. (Just the other day I watched the episode where Heero has randomly signed up for school under Duo’s name, which intrigues me, so no surprise at this aspect of the dream.)

So we got to a scene where our heroes (one of them being me XD) have an almost soul-baring conversation where important points come out in a relatively casual way, quietly, and bonding occurs almost without anyone realizing. I, Heero, was telling Duo about this locket I’d had forever… I think I didn’t know where it came from, nor why I was unable to open it, nor what its significance was (though I knew it had some). I don’t think the quest I was on was the actual QfG1 quest, and I believe the locket had something to do with either what I was trying to accomplish or the mysterious reason I’d set out in the first place (or both).

This locket amused the hell out of my dreamer self, because it seemed like my subconscious went out of its way when designing this prop to make sure this was not a girly-necklace-style locket. It more resembled a pocket watch, being about the same size and looking vaguely similar, and hung on a fairly large, tarnished chain. This was a manly locket, yo XD XD XD It had some kind of raised design on its face (not flowers, though XD), including a central ornate letter “Q.”

After I’d told Duo about this mysterious manly locket, he said something knowing and reached into his pocket and pulled out — *gasp!* — another mysterious locket! And obviously it matched mine, only his said “T” on it. He was obviously in on the mystery, though; he could open his. He made some fairly enigmatic comment about his family having used the name “Trowa” for generations to disguise themselves, and there was some implication that he could open the locket because of this.

Now, in this dream world, we knew Trowa and Quatre. And of course they were a wonderful couple. But there was more to it than that. We knew them personally, yet (and there was an Eranaish feeling to this) there was a sort of historic quality to them and their love… as if they had been reincarnated a number of times and always been lovers… as if there was always a Trowa/Quatre around… as if Trowa/Quatre was more of a concept than a couple of people we happened to know. And because of this, the significance of Duo having the T locket and I having the Q locket was immediately apparent — evidently it didn’t matter that I couldn’t open mine yet.

At this point, I-Heero was momentarily too shocked (not necessarily in a bad way) to say or do much of anything. But I-dreamer was freaking out because these events had just proven that this Duo/Heero thing was fucking destiny. And then Duo kissed me. I-Heero was still too stunned to react, though for a one-sided kiss it was pretty magnificent. And I-dreamer, goddamn fangirl, got so excited that I woke up.

So that was an awesome dream. And, aside from just thinking about how awesome it was, I got to thinking again about my long-standing GW/QfG daydream. I had always cast Quatre as the Hero in the past, purely and shallowly because of his hair, which then put Trowa as Katrina; and I had cast Duo and Heero as Johari and Yesufu because that’s fucking hilarious. I hadn’t given it a huge amount of thought beyond that, though. Now I’m all like, well, what if Heero was the Hero? Duo = Elsa, perhaps? That seems like it would totally work. But then I have all these floating thoughts about Trowa and Quatre, including Trowa still being Katrina and Quatre an older Tanya and OH GOD THAT IS SO HOT. Then Heero can rescue Trowa from Hades so T&Q can be reunited OH WOW.

Yeah, so, anyway, this led to more daydreams about GW/KQ instead XD Because what if Heero was Graham and Duo was Valanice, and Hilde was Hagatha?? Da ha ha. Then they adopt Quatre and Trowa, and Trowa gets abducted by, I dunno, Zechs or something, and turns him into a cat, and then makes his way back home at last only to find his “beloved brother” about to be sacrificed to a three-headed dragon??? Dude. AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN Treize wants to get revenge for his “beloved brother” Zechs, and does the whole shrink-the-family thing, and this horrible horrible owl named Wufei shows up and OH GOD THIS IS GOING TO KILL ME. That is so stupidly awesome. I may be thinking about this nonsense all day.

Right. No more of that XD Time for video games.