Day 22 – Favorite platonic relationship. Of course the problem is that, to a slasher, there are no purely platonic relationships. But as far as relationships that the author apparently didn’t intend to have any romantic/sexual undertones whatsoever, I’ll once again choose one off the top of my head instead of trying to determine what is actually my favorite: Hazel and Bigwig. I particularly love how it develops, from Bigwig not really thinking much of Hazel one way or another and not considering him an authority figure to Bigwig being one of Hazel’s strongest supporters. I particularly love the bit where Bigwig mentions his chief rabbit to Woundwort and Woundwort’s like WOT HOW CAN THIS BE. Also when Hazel calls Bigwig a duffer it makes me squee.

I GET TO GO HOME TODAY. I am just insanely pleased by this. I get to see my cat and my Zombie Girl. I am too lazy to say anything else, though.