Day 25 – Any five books from your “to be read” stack. As I mentioned back on day 12, I’m more of a rereader than a reader. I’m the same about most things, actually… it’s the reason I don’t refer to myself an anime fan or a gamer, though each could technically apply. What this means is that I don’t typically have a list of books I plan on reading just as I don’t have a list of anime I plan on watching or a list of games I plan on playing. Obviously I do read/watch/play new things sometimes, but most of my time is spent going over the same territory over and over and over XD

That said, I am working my way through the Discworld books right now, so you could count all the ones I haven’t read yet as on my ‘”to be read” stack.’ There are also some authors whose works I’ve enjoyed so far that I wouldn’t mind checking out more of… and one of these days when I find recordings I probably will. But there’s no active plan.

Yesterday I respecced Aerkoruyn. It was the first time I’d logged either of my shaman since the patch… I kept hearing that they’d fucked up shaman beyond belief, so I was interested to see how it would be different. And, though it was discernibly different, I didn’t think it was worse. As a matter of fact, my earth shield is now impossibly, insanely powerful. I did notice the difference in threat, what with mobs breaking off to attack my fire totem if I didn’t keep them entertained, but that was manageable. So there you go.

Whilst I did all of this, I worked on Plastic and made good progress. There’s one part that’s being a bit of a bitch, and I keep not tackling it and working on parts that come after it… which keep getting longer and more numerous while that one part sits there entirely blank XD I shall ponder it today and see if I can’t do something about it. The story is currently up to 88 pages, which is longer than I have ever let anything go without posting it.

I think, after this bookly meme is over, I’m going to grab another daily-style meme to do. This thing essentially forces me to write in my journal every day, and that’s a good thing. I’ve seen a couple others on my flist that I might be interested in doing. We’ll see.