Day 27 – If a book contains ______, you will always read it. Well, I have thought and thought, and I cannot come up with a single thing to put into that blank that would render the sentence true. Not even “good writing” cuts it, since there are plenty of well-written books in which I have no interest whatsoever. The closest I can come, I think, is, “If a fanfiction contains Saitou/Sano, I will at least try to read it. (And usually end up skimming since, quite frankly, most of the Saitou/Sano written in the last few years has been utterly dreadful.)”

OK, technically I could put “Amelia Peabody” or a couple of other things into the blank, but I’m fairly sure the prompt is asking something more along the lines of, “What subject matter do you find interesting enough that you would automatically pick up a book about it regardless of other criteria?” rather than, “Tell us again about a series you like a lot.”

Yesterday I felt like drawing, so I did. I finished two pictures and gave up on a third, and was disappointed by all. I put one of them up on DA, but I may take it down because I think I hate it. What a horrid waste of productivity >_< Today I’m damn well working on Plastic.

At one point yesterday my mom was talking about a friend’s girlfriend, someone she didn’t think was good for this guy, and described her as “one of these rah-rah cutesy whatsits.” It made me giggle so hard.

I had this dream where my sister and I had to escort Yahtzee somewhere (it was a jungle somewhere), and the guy there wanted to keep us as captives for some reason, but we needed to get back to rescue our other sister on an island in the Mediterranean. Then I worked a full day at the place Zombie Girl used to work (at which I have applied in the world outside of dreams), ate some pancakes or something with the staff, bought some very high-heeled shoes, and then set off swimming to go rescue my sister. On the island, there was a hotel, and the whole family decided to stay there. The End.