Day 29 – Favorite character death. Well, as I mentioned, Dobby’s death and Harry digging his grave really tears me up every time. But since I already talked about that, how about Bellatrix’s death? OH GOD. Obviously it wasn’t Bellatrix herself that made this the MOST BADASS SCENE EVAR. When I first read the book, when I got to Mrs. Weasley’s awesome, awesome line, I screamed out loud. Obviously it was about 5AM by the time I got around to this scene, and I was very tired from, y’know, being up all night reading a book, but, as I recall, I jumped out of my bed and aimlessly paced around my bedroom a couple of times grinning like an idiot. So freaking awesome.

Well, yesterday was fun but NOT PRODUCTIVE. Mostly I just hung out with Zombie Girl. We read all that there was (minus, like, two paragraphs at the end because her laptop battery died with perfect evil timing) of an old GW fic she was writing, like, ten years ago — mostly for the sake of giggling over her florid prose, but also because AAARGH TROWA/QUATRE WOT. I NEED CLOSURE. Hopefully this will have left me in a perfect mood to write some item myself BECAUSE I REALLY FREAKING NEED TO. We shall seeeee.