2. A photo of yourself a year ago.

My classmates and I always used to walk to the nearby gas station during our first break to buy hot dogs and hot chocolate and other incongruous things. In the utterly stupid and pointless class with the farting teacher that gave us, like, two and a half hours of “homework time” at the end of each five hour class, one day we all piled into someone’s car and raced to McDonald’s despite the fact that our break was only fifteen minutes long. One of my classmates took this picture of me with her iPhone, so here it is. Check out all those miserable people in the background that aren’t as awesome as I am. Anyway, we got back, like, ten minutes late, and the teacher threatened us all with write-ups or something. We weren’t terribly worried.

I didn’t feel well yesterday. I’m not entirely sure I feel all that great today. Anyway, the result of this was that I wasn’t all that productive… though I did finish a picture of Quatre and Trowa, so good jobon that at least. Today I shall see what I can do, which will hopefully involve Plastic.