3. A photo that makes you happy.

You don’t know the real meaning of “cute” until you have seen baby snow leopards playing with their mother. I think we stood and watched them for an hour and then left the zoo without seeing much of anything else. I’d try to describe them and how cute they were, but words simply don’t suffice.

I had a dream in which someone (I think it was a character I was writing, actually) made fun of seme/uke dichotomy by referring to the seme as “Penetration-Stu.” This had me giggling my ass off when I woke up, of course, but at the same time… I’d never thought about it before, but there really is something very Sueish about these roles guys get assigned in so much fanfiction. A very general statement that can be made about Sueism has to do with the inordinate amount of influence the character has over the world around hir — and I think that a guy that is automatically and infallibly the superior in a non-canonically imbalanced relationship power dynamic definitely has some of that going on. So good jobon my dream!

I also dreamed that this, like, eleven-year-old girl had some kind of unhealthy obsession with me and kidnapped me.

Yesterday, despite not feeling very good, I was nicely productive. Today I plan on working on my mom’s website and then seeing about more story-style productivity. I feel a bit better today, though the headache that was threatening has blossomed. But I have leftover Noods and pumpkin ice cream, so I should get by OK.