6. A photo that makes you laugh.

This is my awesome brother. He is awesome. When we went up Pike’s Peak last year, we found all these weird bears in one of the gift shops up there, and then it was very important for him to make this face with one of thems. Da ha ha ha.

Well, at the zoo yesterday we discovered that there are BABY TIGERS. BABY TIGERS WOT. They were not as adorable as the baby snow leopards that one time, but they were still freaking cute. We didn’t know there were baby tigers. Ngyeee. Also, there was a GINORMOUS puffer fish that is my new best friend. And the funniest sea lions evar. It was great ^__^

I was nicely productive yesterday too. I wrote stuff on the way to and from Denver, so good jobon me. Also I have an interview on Monday, and maybe those people will hire me and I will get some money and then I can commission illustrations again and possibly start posting this thing sometime this century!!

After I got home from Denva, I got to hang out with Zombie Girl. We wandered around Target talking about GW fic and other important things, then came to my house and watched some Mirage of Blaze. Then we talked about GW fic and GW fic and GW fic and a little bit of Saiyuki fic. Good jobon us. Now, what shall I do today?