7. A photo of someone you love.

This is from about three years ago at a family reunion. I caught sight of my parents sitting out at the end of the pier alone BEING ADORABLE and I was like NGYEEEE. Is it any wonder that I like to write romance so much?

So yesterday I watched a football game (and wrote stuff during the commercials), and then I went to ZG’s house and sat around there for about five hours and wrote stuff. Also we watched probably the best movie ever made, and she did research for her GW fic YAY. But then I found out that after I left she stayed up all night and became sad BOO.

Today I need to put away laundry and clean stuff up and all that. Hopefully I will also have time for writing. Mayhap I will also finish my music video. There’s only one last thing to be done that I keep putting off doing… I’ve already started my next project… actually, I’ve started two of thems (both GW!)… but I really need to get this one done and up and over with. We shall see.