8. A photo of your favorite band/musician.

You can tell how much I care about how my favorite band looks by the fact that I had to go Google up an image of thems. Well, I mean, it’s nice when your favorite musicians are also hotties, but that’s not exactly the point… (That’s Three Days Grace, BTW.)

Yesterday was the best day. I put away all my laundry and cleaned my room, made wonderful progress on Plastic (which has now hit 100 pages), finished my music video, and even worked a little on the next one. What a fabulous day!! I am pleased ^__^

OK, so, for this video I actually sang the song, and that was what took so long to get the thing finished; I had all the video editing done, like, two months ago or something, but I kept not getting around to doing the vocals for it. But finally I did yesterday. I sound like shit, of course, but what can you do? It had to be done.

Anyway, then I discovered that somehow during the recording process, the song had sped up. My mom assures me this can’t happen, but it did. It was three seconds shorter and had a longer silence at the beginning. I had to go back through the video and cut a bunch of frames to re-sync everything, and there are a few spots that don’t work as well as they did before but that I’m too lazy to entirely redo (which is what would be required if I wanted to fix them properly).

Then I literally wasted an hour of time I could have been sleeping trying to upload the damn thing. It kept failing for unknown reasons; stupid YouTube. Not having to use services like YouTube was definitely one upside of having my own webspace. Eventually I just had to go to bed and leave it for today, because I needed to get to bed.

Today I have done an interview at an office in Castle Rock. I thought it went pretty well, but I’m not likely to hear from them for a couple of weeks. Mou. I have discovered that between here and Castle Rock, the left lane is for people that want to go ten MPH over the speed limit, and the right lane is for people that want to go ten MPH under the speed limit. I WILL MAKE MY OWN LANE for people that want to go exactly the speed limit. YAA.