9. A photo of your family.

And my first sister continues to be absent from this meme. I couldn’t find any family picture that had all of us except from Mostle’s wedding, and we’ve already seen Mostle’s wedding. There’s probably some less-recent stuff that has all of us, but I was too lazy today to look that far back. Anyway, this is from last September. Pookster was at her home and not with us at that time. I will have a picture of her up eventually, I swear.

So last night ZG and I went places. There was some shopping (window-shopping, in my case, though I almost got a fabulous box), and then we sneaked Chipotle into the dollar theater and saw Inception again. What I forgot was that I was up late on Sunday night (remember the music video stuff?) and early yesterday morning for the interview in Castle rock, and therefore exhausted. I slept through about 1/5 of the movie, and then had to go home and to bed instead of accompanying ZG to Wal-Mart. I looooove accompanying ZG to Wal-Mart, so this was sad. But whatever. She told me a very wonderful Heero/Duo story ^__^

Today (speaking of Heero/Duo stories) I’ma work on Plastic and… well, that’s really all I have planned, actually.

EDIT: You know how I said I reorganized my bookshelves on Sunday? Did I say that, actually? Anyway, I did reorganize my bookshelves on Sunday. And now I can’t stop staring at them, because they look so nice *__* I decided to have left-right come before top-bottom, and it is sooooo niiiiiice. Mayhap I will take a picture.