12. A photo of you. What, again?? Come on, we all know what I look like by now. I am fairly narcissistic, but not about my outward appearance! How about, instead, a “photo” of an anime character I feel I am something like (assuming that he’s mostly just talk when it comes to killing people)?

So I worked on my mom’s site yesterday, and that was tedious, though I did have Hairspray and then Enchanted on while I worked. And I think that Enchanted is less about people finding the sort of environment in which they can be happy and more about a two-dimensional character becoming a real person. And I mean that literally, not in a literary sense: I think of Giselle as a character from a story that is brought into the real world, not a person from one world brought into another world.

She starts out the movie almost completely flat, with one or two comically exaggerated traits, and then progresses toward reality somewhat alarmingly. In New York, she comes across as fairly crazy at first — even to the viewer, who knows exactly what’s going on — and I think it’s because she’s like a very simple computer program that only has responses coded to a specific number and type of things; she just doesn’t know how to interact with anything that’s outside her existing frame of reference, and therefore behaves randomly until her code starts to complexify. We never really get to know the real Giselle, the real person she eventually becomes, but the point of the story, I think, is the transition, not the result.

Conversely, Nancy, who is consistently shown to have a fairly simplistic single-mindedness about her, is obviously content to live as a two-dimensional character, and therefore gets her Happily Ever After by giving up her humanity and living in the story. This is horrifying, and I love it. I probably have more to say on the subject, but I’m starving and there are rumors of McDonald’s if I can get this entry finished.

After that I worked on the picture I am drawing for ZG, and at the moment I kinda hate it. This often happens when I draw: the thing will look good at various stages, exceptionally good at some, but once any part of it hits a finished stage I suddenly can’t stand it. Trowa’s face looked really nice in the line art and initial coloring, but then somewhere along the way it got fucked up. We’ll see how I feel about it when the whole thing’s done. Mou.

Lastly, I worked on Plastic and made some good progress. I’m in this Quatre/Trowa-heavy part right now, which makes them the bulk of what I can think about. Of course ZG’s picture doesn’t help. Anyway. I had WoW open as I wrote, as I usually do, and was shocked to find that Amylya is almost to level 50. I keep thinking of her as a new character, perhaps because she’s such a ditz. I like not having to use soul shards anymore, but where the hell (pun intended) are my demons? They’re not in the spell menu or the character menu… supposedly I have a felguard I can summon now, but where do I find him? Aargh.

So today is planned similarly to yesterday: website, writing, possibly drawing (depending on whether ZG gets back to me on what Quatre’s hat looks like). McDonald’s, too, but that didn’t happen yesterday. Actually I don’t think I ate at all yesterday. How very Plastic Trowa of me.