13. A photo of your best friend(s). Hopefully she won’t kill me for posting this…

It is I with Zombie Girl!!! A year ago.

So my family has a wiki wherein we can document all the awesome stuff we’ve done over the years and all the silly things we said as kids and things like that. And yesterday I got totally distracted editing it and spent, like, half the day doing so. Then I did work on Plastic a little, so that was good. Then ZG came over, and we played Organ Trail that farstrider showed me instead of working on fanfiction as we’d been planning. And then we went to Wal-Mart (twice) and discussed fanfiction until late into the night.

Today was a day of football game, but since football game was two hours away we had to leave the house at, like, 8:30 this morning. The game was awesome (and freaking freezing), but I was falling asleep on the way home and am rather still falling asleep now because of how late I stayed up last night XD This undoubtedly means there will be no real productivity this evening, but I have high hopes for tomorrow.