14. A photo of one of your favorite family members. OK, well, if you’re going to play favorites with family members, there are certain rules. I have no grandchildren, which is always the first choice in family favoritism, but I do have the cutest nephew in the world:

Deedle is the son of the older of my two sisters, who has not appeared yet in this meme, and this picture of him is from earlier this year. He’ll be three in a couple of weeks ^__^ He is soOoOoOoOoOo cute, as you can kinda start to see above. Definitely my favorite nephew. EDIT: OH YEAH I FORGOT TO MENTION that those adorable shoes in this picture are in the trunk of my mom’s car even now, and every time I see them I’m like ngyeeeeeee.

I’ve had this entry open all day and I’m only now finishing it. I was working on Plastic earlier, and then I talked to ZG about another new story idea on the phone. Then I summarized new story idea, which took, like, two hours. Now I’m done with that and looking to get back at Plastic, but not until I’ve finished this entry.

So I’ve been re-playing Quest for Glory lately, and it’s still definitely right up there in my top three favorite game(serie)s of all time. “Now there be no more talk of beating the prisoner. Now there be talk of marrying the prisoner.” I love the way Uhura talks about the men in her village. I’m playing this particular Hero as incredibly gay (possibly because I named him Quatre Winner), and I’m imagining the conversation with Johari explaining this after he’s “bought” her as his “wife.” He definitely won’t be kissing her.

Now that I’m not as exhausted as I was yesterday, I can go into more detail about football stuff. This is college football, of course; I have, sadly, never been to an NFL game. If I were a rich person, I would go to aaaaalllll of thems. When I had money I could go to Air Force games, but these days I can only go to the games my parents feel like buying me a ticket to.

I’m a BYU fan by osmosis, having a number of family members that attend(ed) the school and some that are therefore still huge fans of the sports teams. Not that I mind being a casual BYU fan, but if I had to fix upon a team and follow it faithfully, it would be Air Force. My reasons for that are no more valid than my reasons for supporting BYU… but at least they’re local :D

BYU’s mascot, Cosmo the cougar, is awesome. Yesterday he was doing the best things ever. At one point some people sitting in front of me noticed that the opposing team’s mascot, the CSU ram (named Cam), was not far off, and they called Cosmo’s attention to him. Cosmo went over, and he and Cam had an amusing exaggerated gesture conversation during which Cam challenged Cosmo to a push-up contest.

Cosmo was pretty good at push-ups, but Cam could do that clapping thing and therefore essentially won. But then Cosmo dragged Cam over to our side of the stadium and got us all cheering for him while he did a backflip because COSMO IS AN AWESOME ACROBAT. Cam couldn’t do that, so COSMO WON EVERYTHING. Then Cosmo and Cam hugged each other ^__________^ After that, I felt a great need to get a picture with Cosmo. Thus:

Check me out there; I look like… something hilarious…

It was 39° when the game started at noon; I have no idea how cold it was by the time it was over. Then on the way home I thought of a great Gundam Wing story, which I mentioned above, and was simultaneously falling asleep, which I mentioned yesterday. It was a great day.