16. A photo of you at the last party you went to. Well, I’m not much of a party person… as a matter of fact, I can’t even begin to recall the last time I went to a party… it was probably about fifteen years ago or something, back when I was approximately Gundam pilot age. So, in the spirit of that, how about this instead:

Check it out; I’m a Mary-Sue!! Also, what the hell is Trowa wearing?? Quatre had better get that horrible outfit off of him as soon as possible. Wait, let me rephrase that. I told Quatre, while I was there, actually really hanging out with him for reals, that he’d better get that horrible outfit off of Trowa as soon as possible. Then everyone fell in love with me and I piloted a Gundam to save the Earth Sphere single-handedly. And my eyes were totally like liquid emeralds.

(That picture of me is actually from January of this year.)

OK, the thing I keep forgetting to mention. My parents’ anniversary was last week, and, as usual, they went out. They were gone for three days to some surprise location my dad had planned, and then when they came back my mom wouldn’t tell me where they’d gone. But my dad, not knowing she was cherishing this as a special secret, let it slip a few days later: they went to freaking Disneyland. DISNEYLAND. My dad took my mom to DISNEYLAND as a surprise for their anniversary. Why is that the cutest and most awesomest thing anyone has ever done??????

So I got mom’s site stuff all finished up yesterday, and then I worked on Plastic some, so good jobon me. Also I bugged link_worshiper, like, all day XD And went to Red Robin with my mom MMMMREDROBIN. I have discovered their fish and chips, and, oh, god. I am telve million hungy right now, since I didn’t eat all that much after that yesterday and I haven’t had anything today. I bet we will go out to lunch again when my mom has her haircut, though. She dropped her driver’s license in the airport in California, and they’ve mailed it back to her, but it’s not arrived yet, so that means I drive her places.

EDIT: Craigslist dude from yesterday is at it again:

i just wanna thank everest college for helping me decide, what i wanna be next holloween. after attending the dental assisting class and meeting the instructor (ALEXX WOODS) i wanna be her next year, because she is the scariest, ugliest bitch i ever did see!!! yikes

I want to make it clear that only the vilest part of me approves of this, and I kinda wish it didn’t. Alexx is probably the most horrible person I’ve ever actually met in person, and I’m not going to deny the sick pleasure I get out of seeing these posts, but I don’t think it’s right to be posting this kind of thing where she might be able to see it.